Date: 7th May 2016 at 5:36pm
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Those of us old enough to remember the epic struggles between York City and Morecame in the FA Cup during the Twentieth Century probably have mixed feelings about the Men From the Minister. They were a League team then. Morecambe – and plenty of other teams both better and more ambitious at the time such as Wigan and Yeovil – were excluded from what was then a closed shop whilst hopeless teams like York were re-elected year after year by the Old Boy’s network which existed at a time when they should have been booted out of the League on merit – or actually the total lack of it – years before they finally were. This year, they have got precisely what they have deserved: even prior to kickoff on Saturday at the Globe Arena, City were already relegated back to the non-league wilderness because they have simply not been good enough to successfully compete in the League yet again. So let theirs be a lesson to Shrimps supporters: but for the grace of god…
Doomed York underlined Morecambe’s hopeless home form by taking the lead in first half injury time when Luke Summersfield scored with a shot from outside the penalty area. It was thus 0-1 to the visitors at half time but the Shrimps avoided the possibility of a final humiliation in the last match of their campaign when they equalised during the second half. Devitt beat Michael Inghamin the City goal after 51 minutes with another shot from a fair way out. And that was it. The final score saw York absolute rock bottom of League Two and Morecambe just three places better off than them when the Fat Lady Sang for the last time this term. It was a disappointing end to a poor season for Morecambe but at least York emerged with some credit at the end of the game: at least they didn’t lose.
What happened at the Globe today didn’t really make any difference to anything. York were already doomed whatever happened. They face a struggle to consolidate in the present and take on the possibility of returning to League football at some time in the future. For Morecambe, this future is almost equally challenging. The Manager – who many supporters suspect is on borrowed time already – has already expressed his dissatisfaction with most of his squad. Many of them will have played their final game for the Shrimps today. Jamie Devitt, Shaun Miller and Tom Barkhuisen may already be set for pastures new if only because they have the quality to succeed at a much higher level and the club desperately needs the money their departures would bring to invest in replacements. But whether Jim Bentley will still be the manager who signs these players – and even if the current Chairman and his Board are still in control next season – remains to be seen. With the smallest remaining fan base in the entire Football League and solid relegation form throughout 2016, it’s difficult to imagine anyone actually wanting to buy the club. The only thing certain is that changes are needed and needed now if Morecambe are to avoid the same fate York suffered today in the very near future – or even the real possibility of going out of business altogether.
Have a wonderful Summer everybody whatever happens – and let’s hope for a change of direction at the Globe by next August.Ref: Ross Joyce