Date: 15th November 2010 at 10:02pm
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Are we happy with Morecambe`s season so far? Well after all the talk of how this season we have the best squad Morecambe have ever had it`s fair to say some fans are disappointed with another slow start to the season.

We got off to a fantastic start with the win over Coventry after the disappointment of Wycombe and it looked like we were in for another good season but so far that has not been the case.

I think it is a good time to point out that no matter how disappointed we are with the season so far we are still slightly better off than we were at the same stage last season and look where we finished.

So I don`t think that it`s time to press the panic button yet there is still a very long way to go and who knows where to will end up if we can go on an unbeaten run as the league is so close this season it only takes a few wins and you can go from relegation candidates to play off contenders.

Personally I think a good target for us would be a mid table finish we over achieved last season and in a way I`m glad we missed out on promotion because I don`t think we are ready for League 1 football just yet.

I would rather we spend the next couple of years just trying to do as well as we can in League 2 and build up our reputation as a Football League side a bit more before we try to make the next big step up.

That does not by any means mean I don`t want to club to progress it`s just a bit more of a realistic way of doing it, take Dagenham who beat us in the play offs last season as an example. They got promoted from the Conference at the same time as us they too are a small club punching above there weight. John Still has done a fantastic job with them and I don`t want to take anything away from them for what they have done because like many football fans I love to see the smaller clubs doing well but for me they have done too much too soon.

hey are in League 1 now and although I have not seen them play live this season looking at the league table you can see that they are struggling to adjust to a higher level.

That is the reason I didn`t want Morecambe to get promoted. Short term it would have been great to be going to places like Sheffield Wednesday, Charlton and Southampton ect but long term if we were at the bottom of the league and not winning as many games I think attendances would drop away and we would soon find ourselves back in League 2 and in a much worse position than we were when we left it. (At this point I would like to apologise to any Dagenham fans who are reading this and getting depressed!) If we can do it slowly I think we have a much better chance of survival.

You don`t win anything with kids` as someone once said. I am of course referring to Sammy McIlroy`s reluctance to give the younger players at the club the chance to show what they can do in the first team.

In the Stockport game at 5-0 up with the points in the bag we had Stuart Hendrie sat on the bench waiting for his chance did Sammy bring him on ‘No’. Why not? The game was already won what harm could it have done? I don`t quite see what the point in signing a player on a 1 year contract if your not going to give them a chance to show what they can do. It`s ok to say ‘they are not ready for the first team yet` but how can you possibly know that for a fact if you don`t give them a chance.

Now that wasn`t having a go a Sammy and I am not one of those that think he has overstayed his welcome and a change is needed for the club to progress.

In fact although I may not agree with some of his policies I don`t think there is a better man for the job. I mean he is a proven manager at both club and international level and has experience of getting a club into the Football League and keeping them their with Macclesfield. Without Sammy I think we would still be a non-league side he has achieved a lot in his career and I don`t see where Morecambe would get another manager with a C.V. like his.

So overall I don`t think we have having such a bad season as some people are making out. Ok it`s been far from ideal but there`s still a lot of football to me played and I think it`s only a matter of time before things change for the better.

So get behind the Shrimps and keep the faith!

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